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Refund/Cancellation Policy

  • Listing Funda is not offering any types of guarantee or warranty for your business or any type of service.
  • In any case of loss or damage Listing Funda will not be responsible.
  • Listing Funda will not be liable to refund any kind of payment.
  • If your information or details are wrong or violates other user content and conduct policies then Listing Funda can close your advertisement at anytime before any notice or information.
  • Review is free service and visitors can submit their feedback through Review. If it’s harm your business or service then we are not liable for this. Also, we will not delete any type of review related to your business or service.
  • If any technical issue or other issue occurs and your advertisement is closed, you can request to company for your service. But Listing Funda will not liable to refund or start again your service. Listing Funda reserve rights for this.
  • If you use our services then you are agree with this Refund/Cancellation Policy also.